innovation.jpgAt Glendale Senior Dining our innovative food service management systems and programs improve resident satisfaction and operational efficiency while delivering more value to your guests. They include: 


Time and Attendance Controls

Provide the detailed information managers need to make effective staffing decisions. 

Cost Accountability and Transparency

We provide our customer with complete back up documentation that ties out to our monthly statements. Our cost accountability is complete with no hidden costs or games.

Local and Regional Food Sourcing

While some companies talk about local sustainability Glendale Senior Dining is committed to it and allocates 15-20% of our overall purchasing to support local vendors. The result is fresh local products, some cost savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

All-Day Dining

Why not? Glendale Senior Dining can keep your dining room open all day, track residents who eat and make mandatory seatings a thing of the past. What a boost to resident satisfaction.

Alternative Dining Venues

Creating alternative dining is our specialty. Let us show you how to give your residents choices—affordably and with any sized space.

Restaurant-Style à la Carte Menus

The old cycle menu is history. Glendale Senior Dining has the expertise to design menus that give your residents lots of options without breaking the bank. Our menu engineering and cost control systems work in harmony to give your residents choice and control over their dining experience—all within budget.

Food Court-Style Menus

A completely new concept in senior dining, our Food Court concept takes a la carte dining to a new level.  Interesting choices are available from a myriad of dining concepts, all on one menu.

Room Service

Glendale Senior Dining elevates room service to a new level. Residents in rehab or who just aren’t feeling well can enjoy the convenience of our concierge room service that delivers meals hot in a timely, attractive manner.